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Guests with Disabilities

Disability Accommodations

The University of Tennessee encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you are a graduating student with a disability, please fill in the appropriate section on the RSVP link when submitting, to make arrangements prior to the ceremony.

General note for graduates: All students will be seated in a reserved section on the arena floor and will cross a ramp to shake hands with the dean (there are no steps to navigate). For further information on how to access the floor, please see the below section regarding elevator access.

General note for guests: Large screens will project the commencement ceremony and each graduate as he/she crosses the stage, so guests need not sit close to the stage to have a “good seat.” Should you need assistance, please see an usher or commencement worker.

Disabled Parking and Elevator Access

Graduates and guests with disabilities who enter the arena from Phillip Fulmer Way may use an elevator located inside the double-door entrance of Arena Dining. Guests should take the elevator to the third floor to access the concourse-level seating area; graduating students should take the elevator to the ground floor to access the reserved seating area for graduates.

Graduates and guests with disabilities who wish to park near the arena would be best accommodated in the following areas:


The Neyland Parking Garage (G-10) has 40 spaces reserved for disabled parking and is adjacent to the arena. Persons requiring the use of a wheelchair or those with mobility concerns may best access the arena via a bridge on the top level of the garage (accessible by an elevator to guests parked on other levels). Graduates with a physical disability who access the arena via this bridge should take the elevator by section 110 to access the reserved seating area for graduates on the ground floor.


Seating for Persons in Wheelchairs

Graduates: Please note if you require the use of a wheelchair, they are not provided by the arena or university. Please be as specific as possible when noting this on your RSVP.

Guests: Areas will be designated on the concourse level (third floor) for guests requiring wheelchairs. The rows in front of these alcoves will be reserved for persons with mobility concerns, but one companion seat is allotted per guest in these designated areas. If your guests need a wheelchair, they are not provided by the arena or university. Tickets are not required for guests and seating is first-come, first-served.

Persons with Mobility Concerns

Graduates: Please note on the RSVP link if you have mobility concerns. Please be as specific as possible when noting this on your RSVP.

Guests: Seating is reserved at the arena on the Concourse level, sections 104, 105, 106, and 109. Guests in wheelchairs are to be seated in these areas. Wheelchairs are not allowed on the floor. There are a limited number of reserved seats, plus one companion. From the concourse level, guests will need to go down a minimum of one step to enter the seating area. Although tickets are not required for guests, we ask that this area remain free for those with mobility concerns.

Interpreter Services

A sign language interpreter (using American Sign Language) will be projected onto the large screens provided during commencement.

Braille Copies of Commencement Program

Braille will be available at the ceremony upon request. Please contact Student Disability Services at 865-974-6087 and request a braille copy of the commencement program.

Additional Information

Student Disability Services